2020-21 Theme:

Unity in Faith, Maturity in Christ

Church News

1. Come join us for Small Group as we enter into a new series on Gospel Shaped Work. We explore the big story of creation, fall, redemption and the world to come. This series challenges us to change our view of work - and discover how we can serve Christ in and through our daily occupations. For those who haven't been attending, it's a great time to jump in and fellowship with each other. 


2. Fidelity and UCF is looking for student leaders and adult leaders who would be willing to step up and serve! contact your fellowship leaders if you are interested.


3. Our English ministry in 2021 will have a focus on: Prayer, Gospel, and Being the Church. The month of May will be focusing on “Spiritual Intentionality in Friendships” Pastor Muriel and Pastor Vince will give you more details of this at the end of this service


4. Join us for Prayer Meeting, May 20th at 8:00pm on Zoom.


5. You may continue to bring donations to the church for Sanctuary and Harvest Foodbank to provide for those in greater need in Toronto.


ACEM News (May 23, 2021)

Rev. Paul Chang (Singapore)

In 1977, Rev. Chang was appointed as the director of CNEC in S.E. Asia. 29 years later, he passed on the baton to Rev. James Lai in 2006. Thank God that He allowed Rev. Chang to continue to serve as a ministry consultant in CNEC. It’s all God’s grace. Rev. Chang is grateful for unwavering support from brothers and sisters. He is 89 years old. Please continue to pray for him.

Let’s pray for our spiritual family:

1. Pray for the world that is fighting against the pandemic.

2. Pray for the leaders in the church. Pray for faithfulness to the gospel and compassion as they serve the church. 

3. Pray for the wisdom of English Ministry as they meet today to plan how to guide our congregation to focus on prayer, articulating the gospel, and to be the church through Jesus Christ.

4. Pray for the congregation that they are growing in the love of Christ, seeking unity in Christ, responding to grace, to the building up of the church.

5. Pray for our faithful offering support to church ministry and especially ACEM mission work.  Pray for gospel work to be done to the unreached.


6. Pray for God’s presence to bring about justice, hope and peace in many parts of the world when people are dealing with injustice and oppression.


7. Pray for Pastor Sunny and the church planting project - Mount Joy CCC - at Markham North East region. Pray that Rev. Sunny continue to grow in faith, that he would have the heart of Jesus (love, patience, understanding), and to do well in reaching out to families

Offering/Online Viewing Summary for May 16, 2021

Please pray for our financial stewardship and faithfulness in our offering!

Reminder that offering is available via Interac e-transfer and PayPal. Visit for more details and instructions

This Week

Call to Worship: Sam; Worship Team

Praising: Congregation

Prayer & Offering: Justin

Announcement: Aaron Chan

Scripture Reading: Aaron Chan

Message: Missions; Pastor Obed

Response Song: Sam; Congregation

Benediction: Congregation

Video: AV team


AV: Tim/Chris

Offering: N/A

Usher & Setup: N/A

Next Week

Time: May 30 2021 at 10:15am

Worship Team: Lawrence's Team

Preacher: Rev. Dominic Tse

Passage: Philippians 1:27-2:4

Welcoming & Announcement: Jessica Su

Scripture reading: Jessica Su

AV: Tim/Chris

Prayer: Sam

Usher & Setup: N/A

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