Let’s join our Prayer Night on Sept 25 at 8pm on Zoom & NYCCC Facebook live.  Meeting link will be posted on fellowship chat groups.


Online Sunday School today. “What’s next after baptism?” for new baptised Christians - Class A: Sat 12pm; Class B: Sun 12pm - join either one at your convenience. Muriel’s class will resume today at 2:30pm  


Let’s pray for our spiritual family:

  1. Pray that everyone in the world would still continue to be vigilant in fighting against the pandemic.      

  2. Pray for Muriel and Vince while they are going to lead English Ministry together. Pray for their humbleness, team spirit, mutual respect and cooperation.  Pray that they receive consistent and faithful support from the leaders of English group and the church. 

  3. Pray for the new direction of English Ministry in the coming September. 

  4. Pray for committee and fellowship leaders of English Ministry that they are growing in Christ, seek unity in Christ, commit to Christ so that they are being used by GOD to lead HIS church. 

  5. Pray for our faithful offering support to church ministry and especially ACEM mission work. Both of our church and ACEM mission offerings have been hard hit. Please check ACEM urgent news for more details. 

  6. Pray for justice, respect and peace in many parts of the world when people are dealing with racism, poverty, and oppression! 

  7. Pray for Pastor Sunny and the church planting project - Mount Joy CCC - at Markham North East region. 



a. University and College Fellowship 2020/21 is every Friday from 7pm-9pm on discord/in person.

b. Fidelity is still urgently looking for adult leaders! Please contact Muriel.

  1. Due to the increase in cases of COVID19, fidelity will continue to meet online. 


Staff News: Pastor Sunny is mainly involved in ACEM church planting project - Mount Joy Christian Community Church - starting from Sept onwards. English ministry will be headed by Intern Muriel and Intern Vince. Muriel Tse will finish her 1-year internship by the end of Sept. Vince Ng has started his 1-year internship from September 15.