Special News

As the province of Ontario entered into a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic, NYCCC Sunday Worship will only be available online. The church site will not be open to the public on Sunday morning until further notice.


In order to encourage brothers and sisters to have interaction with each other, our Good Friday service will take place on "ZOOM" online conference platform. The join-the-meeting link will be posted at your fellowship chatgroup. Please prepare two towels and a bucket of water. If you have another questions, please contact Rev Sunny or Muriel! 

Lord’s Supper Arrangement

Due to Covic-19 pandemic situation, brothers and sisters are encouraged and guided to partake into the Lord's Supper at home within our Sunday Service. Please prepare unleavened bread/biscuit or flatbread and grape juice in advance.  The next one is May 3 subject to further notice! 




We are using YouVersion Bible App “Holy Bible” or  Please check with your fellowship leaders on which reading plan you can join! There are plenty of reading plans covering various topics e.g. relationship, OT/NT, Gospel, leadership, healing, grace, marriage, anxiety, prayer, purpose, men, women, etc for your choice.

Missions News

1. We will have OJ (out of province mission), Scarborough outreach (local mission) & Argentina (Out of country mission). Please pray and seek God's sovereignty for your possible involvement. 

a) 2020 OJ Kids camp –from July 11-20! For more details, please contact Justin Wong or Rev Sunny!

b) 2020 OJ Pre-Teen Camp  –  July 4-13. For more details, please contact Muriel Tse or Rev Sunny!

If interested, please download NYCCC 2020 Summer Mission helper application form; ACEM Subsidy Application form if eligible for ACEM subsidy




Sunday School 12PM

Online base -2pm Sunday. The join-the-meeting link will be provided in the fellowship chatgroup. 

1) Young Adult and Adult Sunday School Class – Study Book of Galatians (last class - April 12)

2) Junior to Middle School - Study Book of Jonah



aIntergenerational Interactive Interest Group - You can join this interest group if you want to get to know brothers and sisters of other congregations. Starting from April 19, 2-4 pm Every Sunday. The registration form is on the reception desk. 

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