General News


In addition to our focus back in 2021 of Prayer, Gospel, and Being the Church, this year in 2022, we are including “Worship” into our focus for this year! Stay tuned for details! 

Bible Reading Plan

Join Pastor Vince in going through a chronological Bible reading plan starting January 1. It’s ok to join in a few days late! Contact Vince for details.

Prayer Meeting

Join us for prayer meeting over Zoom this Thursday, June 9 at 8PM.

You are encouraged to continue your offering either in person (at the box at the back) or online.

Looking to Serve?
If you are seeking opportunities to serve brothers and sisters, contact Pastor Muriel or Pastor Vince.

Look out for a link to the NYCCC e-bulletin link in your email. Contact if you have not or would like to receive our emails.

NEW This Week!

  1. AGM Meeting. Upcoming

    1. Advanced Voting: June 1, 2, 3, 4: 9:30am - 5:30pm

    2. AGM & voting: June 5 after English service

  2. Sunday School
    Pastor Muriel’s class will continue at 12PM, Pastor Vince’s class will resume next week at 2PM. 


  3. Forerunners
    The NYCCC Forerunners softball team will be having their first game today at 2PM at Wigmore Park. Please come and support and cheer us on!


  4. Summer Community Outreach 

    1. Date: August 20-21 (Sat & Sun)

    2. Goal of the Event

      • For our church community to grow and work together to serve and reach out to our local community

      • To fundraise for Ukraine and Afghan refugees

Let’s come together with our different congregations, and as one church reaches our community. Please contact Pastor Muriel or Andy Zou for more information.