Coming Sunday Service Team- 10:15AM

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Preacher      Intern Muriel              Rev Sunny                 Rev Sunny                Bro Seth 

Passage        1 Samuel 13, 15        1 Samuel 16            1 Samuel 17             TBD

Weekly Verse  1 Samuel 13:13-14  1 Samuel 16:7                                                                   

Worship Team   Lawrence                  Sam                       Nathan                       Lawrence

AV                        Nathan & Joanna            Nick & Alwin               Lawrence & Joanna              Nathan & Alwin

Announcement  Julianna            Ambrose               Cecilia Chen                       Nancy Shum 

Usher                      Mary/Huette                Tommy                         Eric/Timothy                       JAcky/Jason

Offering              Alex L                     Maria                     Muriel                          Carol

Scripture           Clement                 Joanne                   Cecila Cheng                Clement


We are using YouVersion Bible App “Holy Bible” or  Please check with your fellowship leaders on which reading plan you can join! There are plenty of reading plans covering various topics e.g. relationship, OT/NT, Gospel, leadership, healing, grace, marriage, anxiety, prayer, purpose, men, women, etc for your choice.

Missions News

1. Mission Prayer Card (2020) – check the names of missionaries whom you want to pray for and receive their prayer emails/letters. Your fellowship leaders will help you to choose and adopt the missionaries for your small group or fellowship.




Sunday School 12PM

1) Young Adult and Adult Sunday School Class (from July to Aug) – Study Book of Galatians

2) Junior to Middle School - Study Book of Ephesians, resume in Oc




a) Please note that Church closing time is 11pm & pls lock it up properly.

b) Member Meeting on Nov 24, 11AM about 2020 budget approval and new deacon election.  All members are encouraged to attend.

c) Baptism on Dec 15 – if interested, please contact Rev Sunny to arrange the baptismal class accordingly.

d) Creative writing classes: Starting from November 10th (Sun), creative writing classes will be hosted from 2:30pm to 3:30pm (every other Sunday until the end of January). Students in grade 6 and older are welcome to join, regardless of writing level. If you’re interested, please contact Joyce Li, or just show up on the 8th. The enrollment limit is 10 people.  

e) Intergenerational small groups use all the areas on Sunday from 2-4pm from Sept 15 to Dec 8. So please clean up the table at the Lunch Area & Gym and return the chairs to the rack after lunch!

f) The annual Operation Christmas Child Christmas Shoe Box Gifts campaign has started on Oct 6 until November 17. You can pick one or more boxes (with pamphlets) to prepare Christmas gifts for kids much less fortunate than you!






Non-NYCCC Christian News


  1. (a) The Goodwork Conference 2019

Work is where people spend most of their waking hours and is the most strategic mission field in the world. The Goodwork Conference features keynote speaker, Paul Stevens (Professor Emeritus, Marketplace Theology and Leadership - Regent College)  as well as seminars, panels and discussion groups that will explore the integration of faith and work as part of God’s mission on earth; discipleship in the context in which we work and live.

Location: Tydnale

Date: Nov 23; Cost: $15-35

For details and registration, please go to:

(b) Toronto Baptist Seminary – Open House Nov 6, 2019 & Weekend Course. For details, please check the posters on bulletin board

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