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New Prayer & Lord’s Supper Arrangement in 2020 – in order to encourage brothers and sisters to connect with God, church and one another. Starting from 2020, we will turn 1st Sunday School of each month into prayer gathering and the Lord’s supper will also take place in the midst. So please stay from 12 to 1 pm at the 1st Sunday of each month to pray and receive Lord’s supper together.


                    Jan 19                      Jan 26                     Feb 02

Preacher       Rev Sunny             Bro Vince                Intern Muriel  

Passage       1 Sam:21, 23        1 Sam 20                   1 Samuel 24, 26

Worship Team  Muriel                   Nathan                     Lawrence

AV                     Lawrence & Nick    Lawrence & Eric           Nathan & Sam

AV Trainee               Amanda                     Jason & Mia                      Timothy & Jason

Announcement Nancy S                Joanne                Ambrose

Scripture          Joanne                      Boki                     Cecilia Cheng


Offering               Ambrose                                Muriel                            Vince

Usher                   Mary/Huette                  Candy/Hannah                Eric/Tommy

We are using YouVersion Bible App “Holy Bible” or  Please check with your fellowship leaders on which reading plan you can join! There are plenty of reading plans covering various topics e.g. relationship, OT/NT, Gospel, leadership, healing, grace, marriage, anxiety, prayer, purpose, men, women, etc for your choice.

Missions News

1. We will have OJ (out of province mission), Scarborough outreach (local mission) & Argentina (Out of country mission). Please pray and seek God's sovereignty for your possible involvement. 




Sunday School 12PM

1) Young Adult and Adult Sunday School Class (from July to Aug) – Study Book of Galatians

2) Junior to Middle School - Study Book of Jonah



a) Please note that Church closing time is 11 pm & pls lock it up properly.

b) Starting from Jan 1, 2020, no beverage is provided at the coffee lounge. A water fountain is available at the kitchen and front foyer. A new water fountain will be installed at the coffee lounge soon

c) New Year Food Drive- You can donate non-perishable food to support North York Harvest Food Bank. The collection box is put in the lunch area.

d) Church 26th Anniversary – 1/26 English service start at 10:15AM; Chinese Service at 10:30AM. All joint together after service to have group photo & family photos.

e) Our Daily Bread – March to May 2020 – is available on reception desk



Non-NYCCC Christian News

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