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Inglesia Comunidad Christiana Internacional is NYCCC's church plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beginning with several mission trips with evangelistic camps and visitations in early 2015, we visited BA to seek God's vision. In March 2016, ICCI was planted in response to the work of God as many Cantonese Argentinians accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Our role now is in supporting and doing trainings to support the Argentine Church to help them grow and enrich their evangelistic efforts with the locals. 


We await the Covid-19 pandemic to die down before we schedule and plan for our next trip.

Get Involved

For information on how to get involved, please contact: Pastor Muriel

Prayer Requests

Pray that God will be with the people of Argentina during the pandemic and economic crisis. May He strengthen his people and encourage them to trust and follow Him.

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