NYCCC is committed to laying a foundation of prayer for all our ministries, our leadership, and our people. Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God. According to the Scriptures, prayer has a direct and immediate impact on the battles of life. We must learn to make prayer a regular part of our lives.

Every Sunday Morning - 9:15AM - outside English Hall (Stop due to covid-19)

We would love for you to join us in praying once a week for 30 minutes on Sundays before the service (9:15 AM). We come together to pray for another, the church, the world and the upcoming service.

Every Thurs - 8pmm - Online

We also have Prayer Meetings on every Thursday. During this time we dig deeper as a family in sharing and prayer for personal requests, missions, upcoming events, our church and its ministries, local and world issues, leaders and, the Kingdom of God. We encourage anyone and everyone to come in and join us.

If you have a specific prayer request or would like to share an answered prayer, and our Pastor will respond with respect to both your request and to your privacy. If you wish to remain anonymous, you do not have to share your personal information.

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