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What is InterGen. Ministry?

​Our mission is to:

  • REFORM because churches are losing younger generations

  • REAFFIRM that children as little disciples are integral part of the church

  • RESTORE ​the intergenerationality in the Bible (ex. the body of Christ)

  • RECOLLECT the efforts being made to reconnect the body of Christ

  • REIMAGINE ministries that create space for age-specific ministry and Intergenerational ministry to complement each other


Sunday Intergenerational Worship (11:45 am - 1:00 pm): We meet once every other month on the 3rd Sunday of the even month . Our next meeting is at 11:45am in the English hall on February 18th.

Friday Intergenerational Ministry (7:30-9:00pm)

1. Faith Talk: Fidelity and our intergenerational fellowship welcome all to join our weekly intergenerational event at church, every 1st Friday at 7:30pm, to discuss controversial topics. Let’s learn from each other as we engage in scripture together about topics such as : gender, mental health, internet and more. For grades 5 and up.

2. Parents Bible Study: Every 2nd Friday, we meet and learn together.


3.Intergenerational Family Small groups: Every 3rd Friday, we meet and learn together.

4. Intergenerational Interest groups and Parent Support Group: Every 4th Friday we meet with all ages to explore different interests together. (Sign up required)

For more information please contact

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