Children’s Sunday School (Morning)

  • Time: Sunday at 9:30am~11:00am

  • Classes:

    • Young children (Pre-school~JK/SK)

    • Early Elementary (G. 1~G. 3)

    • Later Elementary (G. 4~G. 6)

Children’s Sunday School (Noon)

  • Time: Sunday at 11:30am~1:00pm

       (11:30am~12:00pm Join Children’s Worship; 12:00pm~1:00pm Sunday School)

  • Classes:

    • Pre-school

    • JK-SK

Children’s Worship

  • Time: Sunday at 11:30am~1:00pm

  • Participants: G.1~G. 6

Children’s Fellowship (Kids for Christ)

  • Time: Every 2nd and 4th Friday at 8:00pm~10:00pm

  • Participants: G.1~G. 6

Children’s Worship Praise Team

  • Members: G. 3~G. 6 (Attend Sunday Service regularly)

  • Serving Time: Sunday 11:10am~12:00pm

  • All team members are encouraged to participate the Praise Team Training/Fellowship (3 times per year). For more details, please see Children’s Ministry Calendar


Children Online Worship:

  • ·NYCCC Children Summer Bible and Character Camp (Online):

  • The second session is on August 9-13, theme: God is so Good. Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm. Target group: SK-Gr. 6 children (maximum: 40 children). Camp format: Zoom Meeting (parent must accompany with their child(ren)). Fee: $15. (Please e-transfer camp fee to Registration: Please download form from, fill in information and send to

  • The new term of children worship participation contest has started from July 4 until August 29, 2021. Parents, please encourage your child(ren) to attend the children online worship every Sunday. There are SK-Gr. 3 and Gr. 4-7 groups during the worship. Children will obtain points by participating in review questions and Bible memory verse. Teachers will count the points each child obtain for the period of time and decide the first three prizes and attendance prize (attendance rate 80% or over). If your children belong to different groups, please use different devices for each child.

  • Date: August 1, 2021. Time: 10:30 am -11:15 am

This Sunday’s Bible Story Helpers: Aidan Chang, Olivia Dong.

For younger children who do not know how to operate Zoom meeting App, we require the parents to help and stay with them.

Part of the worship video involves copyright issues, please do not record.

The ZOOM ID to join the children's online worship is 802-949-2022, password: 019480, and is the same every time.

  • Due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, the children moving to Grade 7 in September will remain in children worship. Yet they are encouraged to join the English Sunday school and Fidelity fellowship.

  • Bulletin Points Prize Collection: To encourage the children to memorize Bible verse, pray and helping in house chores. Please encourage your child(ren) do the above three things regularly, and sign your name on the bulletin. The collection of your signatures will be counted as points to exchange for prizes.


Pray About It

August 1, 2021

"God, hear my prayer. Listen to what I’m saying."  (Psalm 54:2)

Discussion Questions

1) What kind of attitude should we have when we pray?

2) What do you think the people learn from Jesus?