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Grades 7-12

Topic: Old Testament Survey

Teacher: Pastor Muriel 

Time: Sunday at 12:00 PM

In-Person and Online through Discord


Topic: Understanding the Story of Scripture

Teachers: Justin Wong and Pastor Vince

Time: Sunday at 2 PM

In-Person and Online through Zoom


Teacher: Pastor Muriel

Time: online per special arrangement

Baptismal / Membership class is the opportunity for the students to prepare themselves to get baptized and understand the nature of church membership before they join NYCCC as a church member. Through this Baptismal/Membership class, our Christian beliefs and NYCCC's history are properly explained to help the students have a clear understanding to our Tenet of Faith and church ministries. 


Teachers: Carol & Joanna

Time: Sunday 11:45AM per request

God Seekers is the class for anyone who wants to know about our Christian faith. We provide a welcoming and friendly environment for the students to ask their questions about God and our Christian faith. 

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If there are any other administrative inquiries, please give us a call at (416) 441-2232 or email us at

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