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August 27, 2023

2022-2023 Theme:

Lord, Here Am I, Send Me

Church/ACEM News

Church News

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General News


If you are not feeling well please stay home.

Church Maintenance.

Please remember to clean up after yourselves ensuring things are as they were before you used them (i.e., putting away chairs, washing your cups and plates, putting garbage in the bins, etc.)

College and Careers News

Small Groups

Give thanks and pray for the new small group leaders: Andy, Benjamin, Dayana, and Mary.


For those who haven't been attending, it's a great time to jump in and fellowship with each other. 

NEW This Week!

Roof Funding:

Praise the Lord! All amounts raised! If you have prepared an offering for the roof, please consider changing it to help the Afghan Church Fund. 

  • Renovation for the repair begins Monday August 21st for about 2-3 weeks. Please do not turn on the AC unit for the halls during the week. AC unit is able to be used for sundays only.

Faith Talk.

Fidelity and our intergenerational fellowship welcome all to join our weekly intergenerational event at church, every 3rd Friday at 7:30pm, to discuss controversial topics. Let’s learn from each other as we engage in scripture together about topics such as : gender, mental health, internet and more.

Prayer Meeting

Join us for prayer meeting over Zoom every Thursday at 8PM.

Prayer Item

Prayer Items

  1. Pray for our brother Justin Wong as he has gone to Panama for mission. Pray for spiritual growth among the Chinese and Spanish congregation. Pray for spiritual maturity, adaptivity, growth, understanding for the needs for the church, support, and learning during his time there. 

  2. Pray for the direction of our English ministry fellowship; that there would be a smooth transition in joining UCF and small groups, and that brothers and sisters may grow in faith and love toward God and one another.

  3. Pray for the faithful offering of brothers and sisters

  4. Pray for strength and faithfulness of leaders in preaching and teaching the word of God, seeking to honor God in all aspects of their lives.

  5. Wildfires in Northern Quebec and Hawaii are going out of control. Pray for healing, recovery, and comfort for the many who have been displaced.

  6. Please continue to pray for Ukraine and Sudan’s civil war.

  7. Pray for leaders to step up and help in different areas for English Congregation, especially for Fidelity and UCF.

  8. Pray for the faithful offering of brothers and sisters, especially as our Mission Fund is low.

  9. Mount Joy CCC, pray for the new pastor, Pastor Lee; for the transition in the change in leadership and new directions for MJCCC.

  10. Pray for Guelph and Niagara CCC

  11. Pray for follow up and caring after summer ministries.

Offering Summary

Offering for November 28, 2022


Please pray for our financial stewardship and faithfulness in our offering!

A reminder that offering is available via Interac e-transfer and PayPal.

Serving This/Next Week

Serving This Week

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Call to Worship
Nathan Wong
Prayer & Offering
Alex Lee
Grace Wong
Scripture Reading
Grace Wong
Hebrews 12
Pastor Vince
Response Song
Nathan Wong
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